Courses Offered

MN Carry Permit Course

This is our value packed Minnesota carry course. Learn and review the basics of firearm safety, the ethics and laws regarding the carry of a firearm on or about your person in public.
The class includes topics such as how to choose a reliable carry pistol or revolver, When you are legally justified to use deadly force in the State of Minnesota to defend your life or that of another persons, ethics and tactics are also discussed in this 4 hour course.
The class also includes actual shooting qualification exercise using real firearms that we supply or use your own firearm if you choose to.

Student Requirements

You can bring Your Own

Handgun / 30 Rounds Ammo

Ear plugs / Muffs

Safety Glasses

Handgun Fundamentals

Our Handgun Fundamentals course is designed for new pistol and revolver owners. Students also experience shooting a firearm at the range following the classroom portion of the course.
We teach you the fundamentals of firearm safety and marksmanship, how to identify ammunition, the safe storage of firearms and ammunition, and how to clean and care for firearms. This is a pistol or revolver specific class. This course also includes range time (and can be arranged on an individual basis with the instructor following the course).

This course also meets the prerequisite requirements for our MN Permit to Carry course for new shooters (experienced shooters do not have to take this course).